Risk Management Services

It could be company personnel receiving incentives such as paid vacations from an under-qualified vendor in return for contracts. Or a "slip and fall" lawsuit waiting to happen on a property that has not been properly maintained. Whatever it is, Springwise knows how to minimize your organization's risk exposure related to buildings and property maintenance.

As the first facility management services company in North America to achieve ISO 9001:2008 certification, we can point to increased integrity within our quality management standards and control systems. This means we know what to look for and how to implement remedial action in maintaining the safety of your facilities and mitigating your risk.

Thanks to Springwise, you no longer have to worry about the frustration of managing vendors across a sprawling portfolio of properties across Canada or North America. You can simply call us. We’re coast-to-coast, efficient, and transparent, and most importantly we’re not looking to change your facilities management process. We just make it easier. For a fraction of the cost of hiring a department to manage your facilities, we do it for you.

Put our technology, integrity, and expertise to work for your organization. Call Springwise today at 1-866-755-3960.