Doug Warrington

Doug’s strengths and experiences include Account and Project Management, Quality Assurance, Vendor Relations, 20 plus years of Operations and Process management, 12 years of Logistics and 8 years of Facility Management experience. Due to his past experiences and attention to detail Doug is charged with the management and oversight of daily operations and our ISO 9001 compliance. Being ISO compliant is a strategic tool that helps to ensure that Springwise delivers consistent quality services to our customers. Doug’s experiences, commitment and enthusiasm help to make him a valued component of the Springwise Management Team.

"“At Springwise, an industry leader, we are always looking to improve client satisfaction, build strong vendor partnerships and ensure that quality services are delivered without fail. Our team strives to accomplish these objectives daily, which makes working for a forward thinking company like Springwise exciting and rewarding.”"

Bill Lisowski, VP of Operations

With over 25 years of industry experience in operations, process workflow improvement, cost control, and performance management for small-to-large national corporations and multi-site operations, Bill has established a proven track record in leadership mentoring, team building, and motivation of cross-functional teams within the facility management space. Relying on his understanding of process engineering, interpersonal communications, facility standards, and effective management, Bill assumes leadership over our 30-person operations team.

The co-author of a popular series of books on successful management and leadership, Bill is able to deftly manage the design and implementation of business improvements that reduce costs and strengthen bottom-line financial performance, and his team is accountable for all service delivery aspects pertaining to exterior maintenance, On-Demand repairs, and small projects for Big-Box/Small-Box retailers. Bill is also the point person for developing and managing KPI’s, process improvement, and customer satisfaction.

"With my experience in retail, I know what constitutes ‘best’ practices. I get that people can be under a lot of stress when their core business is sales. I know the importance of making absolutely sure that any and all distractions are limited. We put extreme emphasis on service delivery and problem-solving so our clients have one less thing to occupy their mind and time."

Mark Foley, Sr. Manager of Client Services

With 15 years of experience in facility management, including 10 years as the Facilities Director for Rite-Aid Corporation, and 20 years in maintenance and construction, Mark Foley has a proven track record in managing the properties, systems, and equipment that comprise coast-to-coast retail operations. Mark’s expertise in all systems required to maintain quality facilities and grounds, including HVAC, electrical, and building automation systems, allows him to oversee all projects and recurring services to ensure customer needs are being met. Mark’s background also includes financial management as well as the military, valuable life experience applied as Mark assists clients in resource allocation - determining how and when to spend and constantly remain within targets.

"Here at Springwise, we provide clients with technology-enabled solutions, but most importantly we respond quickly and meet quality expectations - no easy task as retailers are constantly battling complexity and working under very specific deadlines. Our approach is to be a national provider that retailers can truly trust. We meet deadlines and always satisfy customer expectations in terms of quality, pricing, and timeliness."

Mark Goulding, Director of Client Services and Field Operations

Having been previously responsible for Target Corporation’s entire U.S. portfolio of gold standard exterior services - and with a core background of 12 years in residential and commercial construction - Mark Goulding is someone with unique knowledge of the complexities that must be overcome to build and maintain a quality facility. Leveraging his understanding of North American microclimates, indigenous plant life, building codes, field inspection, and the construction industry as a whole, Mark ensures that operations and field inspection teams are collaborating to consistently deliver to clients the best solutions. These solutions are tailored to meet and exceed our clients' individual brand standards, and always adhere to our contractual obligations and ISO certified quality management standards.

"At Springwise, we give you the best of all worlds. We’re a international provider with a proven ability to successfully manage multiple facilities for larger corporations. That being said, we are still able to achieve agility. When an unexpected situation emerges, we can adjust. We are agile enough to find and execute the right solution, and we can make it happen quickly. It doesn’t take us forever to point the needle in a different direction, and - all the while – adhere to the standards that earned Springwise our ISO certification."

John Powers, Director of Information Technology

John, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (since Windows 3.5) with over 25 years of experience in Information Technology, leads a team of IT professionals who work tirelessly with the Springwise team to make sure that computer systems and networks are operational and functioning at a high level. By making sure that the flow of data continues uninterrupted and by implementing systems for troubleshooting and restoration, John makes sure that we have 24/7 business continuity so that we can achieve the same for our clients.

Citing his preventative methodology, John’s goal is to make sure that his elaborate, intelligent systems for critical data backup, regularly scheduled backup, quick recovery, and machine redundancy amount to 24/7 readiness in our ability to execute on-demand and recurring services that solve problems for our clients.

"The main focus of the IT department is to provide our clients and our partners - as well as our people here at Springwise headquarters - with the most accurate and updated information no matter what. Our job is, in part, to achieve continuity for our clients - so it goes without saying that it is of utmost importance that we keep any kind of downtime to a minimum, if at all. In my experience, we do that by being preventative."