Dark Property Facility Management Solutions

Check your inbox or voicemail. Do you know what you won't find? Any complaints regarding dark or dormant properties. Your CFO will owe you a steak dinner as well, for finding the facility management company that maintains the appropriate condition - and the best value - for all the dark properties in your organization's portfolio.

Dark property management from Springwise is scalable nationwide. Crews can wash and repair decaying properties to restart operations or restore marketability, and recurring services can be delivered as frequent as necessary to accomplish organizational goals on budget.

Our dark property management standards are ISO-certified and services include exterior services, landscaping, parking lot maintenance, and building repair. Our inspectors can be your eyes in the field looking for trouble areas before they become expensive problems, helping you control costs at these non-revenue producing properties.

If dark property management is a new need or your current partner is not delivering up to expectations, put our technology, integrity, and expertise to work for your organization. Call Springwise today at 1-800-227-3016.