Bryan Wynen, President

Bryan got started in his mother and father's business at the age of 14, when he went to work digging irrigation ditches for WISSCO as part of the grounds and maintenance crew. Having the rare opportunity to learn all aspects of the business and exterior services industry from the ground up, Bryan was exposed early and often to the many day-to-day challenges often faced.

Since taking over as President in 1984, Bryan lead the charge as the company began investing heavily in computerized systems and new technology, helping the company acquire its first national client in 1995. With additional services the workforce has increased from 10 to 120, including many well-known and respected names in national facility management.

Bryan's exhaustive industry expertise and vision, his strong belief in efficiency via technology, and the principles and values he learned from his parents have helped him develop Springwise into what it is today - a renowned and respected provider of comprehensive facility maintenance and repair services for retail facilities and multi-site operations nationwide.

"At Springwise, we take a proactive approach to each and every job to ensure and protect the role of our clients' facilities in their business. Rather than simply processing orders, our approach involves diagnosis, execution, and follow-up. Our service model includes self-perform teams and strategic partners bringing the best combination of expertise, reach, responsiveness and cost efficiency, all supported by data-driven decision making."

Joshua Pola, Chief Operating Officer

Josh has been with Springwise since 1999, when as a student at Purdue University studying Organizational Leadership, Computer Technology, and Psychology, he joined the company as an AutoCAD intern. Working in every department since, Josh has had the rare benefit of a steady, organic matriculation into his leadership role - a rise that has been a key driver of our success and growth over the last 10 years.

Next-gen is an appropriate descriptor for Josh’s implementation of technology for driving change and unearthing new efficiencies, and his focus remains in continuing to spark change through creative process and technology improvements. With a dynamic leadership style and a firm understanding of our every method and system, Josh also develops strategic, long-term relationships with clients and vendor partners.

"Our approach to technology is to be 'meaningful'. We don’t develop technologies to simply support our position. We design our technology initiatives to further realize productivity, enhance problem solving, and reduce overall costs, which amounts to huge wins for those we work with. Our clients enjoy the synergies this creates with our strategic partners, and we are always looking to further leverage technology to add even more value."

Doug Warrington, Chief Financial Officer

Coming to us with 20-plus years of experience in commercial and retail construction and finance, Doug’s dedication is indefatigable. The CFO of our Springwise executive team, Doug takes great pride in streamlining our accounting and finance operations for the ultimate purpose of achieving enhanced timeliness and accuracy in reporting, and demonstrating greater effectiveness in decision-making. Doug, who developed an early love for the entrepreneurial and numbers-driven world of commercial and retail construction, establishes policies internally and works closely with strategic partners and clients to achieve favorable financial outcomes.

Doug helps us to better realize our goals by refining our overall finance and accounting processes, by implementing appropriate strategy and software initiatives that result in greater controls and efficiency, by performing qualitative and quantitative analysis to determine the best available options, and by working with management to better determine any and all connections between operations and financial performance. Doug is a product of the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University, and welcomed the CFO role at Springwise because in his world, integrity is something that matters.

“We are a different kind of facility management company on many levels. We work very closely with all of our strategic partners. We don’t just complete business transactions - we build relationships. We deliver what customers expect, and I think we often achieve even more than what is anticipated. Integrity is palpable in our headquarters. When we say we’re going to do something, we’re going to do it.”