IT Infrastructure at Springwise

Immediate access to real time data is vital for everyone involved in ensuring the smooth operation of national retail facilities - directors, service management companies, and service providers. Springwise IT infrastructure, consisting of our client and vendor portals, delivers immediate access to data that is not only real time but actionable.

Developed by our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, our web-based portals are powered by multiple web and exchange servers and a robust Microsoft SQL server providing security of critical information and reliable operations.

Client users have the ability to log in and access photos of jobs that have been completed, the status of work orders, and recurring services scheduled or completed. They can also upload photos to document facility needs, and view the date on which the most recent field inspection occurred. Site inspection scorecards are also available through the portal for each managed property.

Client Portal

After our service providers have completed jobs, they access our vendor portal to immediately confirm. Once confirmed, all critical information surrounding the job is automatically cross-checked by our system, including insurance updates, contract signatures, W-9s, any required sign-offs, and feedback on any additional jobs requiring corrections or further attention. Service providers are then prompted to generate invoices for speed and consistency of processing.

Vendor Portal

To benefit from the efficiency of our IT infrastructure, or to put our technology, integrity, and expertise to work for your organization, call Springwise today at 1-800-227-3016.