Hard Work + Vision + Integrity = Springwise

Following World War II, John and June (Veldman) Wynen left The Netherlands to seek out a new opportunity, and a new life, in America. The couple settled in South Bend, Indiana, in 1960 - where John went right to work for his brother-in-law’s business. But it would not be long before a penchant for hard work, and an uncommon vision, led John and June toward yet another new beginning.

Recognizing business irrigation needs that were not being fully met, John and June founded WISSCO Irrigation in 1969 - and it was with WISSCO, the predecessor to Springwise, that John quickly developed a reputation as one of the most “hands-on” exterior maintenance and repair specialists in the region. Both John and June understood the value of hard work. June overcame the language barrier, and went on to achieve a CPA’s license. Together, the duo built WISSCO into one of the leading irrigation and exterior services providers throughout the entire Midwest. The hard work never ended, as it was not uncommon for John, even later in his career, to spend 14-hour days, on-site, with his irrigation and grounds crews to ensure that his quality standard was continually being met.

In 1984, Bryan Wynen became an owner in the company and began to navigate a future of steady growth and expansion. Always stressing the importance of new technologies, and on the lookout for emerging opportunities to diversify, Bryan helped the company to secure its first national maintenance contract in 1995. Since then, the company has made many investments in its ability to deliver the full spectrum of facility services, culminating in what is now Springwise: a national facility maintenance and repair company committed to technology, expertise, and integrity.

“The values Mom and Dad taught us – ‘do things the right way,’ ‘surround yourself with good people,’ ‘proceed with integrity,’ ‘build positive relationships’ - those were, and still are, unshakable. Nearly half a century later, we still carry the same torch. Our expertise, our integrity, our vision, and our work ethic - that all goes back to Mom and Dad.”

- Bryan Wynen, CEO